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Brodie Sterling Kymograph

Super speed Kymographs are known as life experimenting gadgets, which are designed by the renowned experts. We are offering these Super speed Kymographs, featured with the major characteristics that will help you to simplify you work. In addition to that, we are acknowledged as the topnotch Super speed Kymograph manufacturer and exporter.


  • Improved life time pinion lift, Super quality metal gears, accurate, mill cut ratio 40, 10, 2.5 & 0.625 mm per second.
  • Cylinder 6×11″ with crown wheel engaging shaft. A spring loaded device allows turning by hand if necessary.
  • Moving in slot in the bed allowing variation in paper length for 60″ to 66.
  • Rigid cast iron stand works up & down by a large screw. Fine adjustment ensuring return of outer arm to exactly the same position after change of another paper.
  • Neutralisation clutch for immediate start & stop, centralised electrical points for respiration pump, time clock and operation table, mounted on heavy metal platform , with manometer & two way time marker.

Optional Accessories

  • Smoking & Varnishing Apparatus
  • Smoking Burner
  • Respiration Pump
  • Operation Table