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Probe Sonicator (Ultrasonic Homogeniser)

Orchid Scientifics is proud to launch new series of probe Sonicator as AUTOSCIENCES SERIES especially for Probe Sonicator and High Speed Homogenizers. The New series of Probe Sonicator PS are different from earlier UHB series in following features:

  • In built sound proof cabinet with light arrangement
  • Pulse ON and OFF Mode
  • Foot Switch arrangement
  • Tip selection modes on the control panel it self

Ultrasonic Homogenizers are recommended for homogenization and lysis of laboratory samples that do not require traditional grinding or rotor-stator cutting techniques for processing.

The Orchid Scientific’s Ultrasonic Homogenizers offer precision engineering with all the necessary features to create a total system for ultrasonic disruption. In biological applications, Probe Sonicator is often used to disrupt cell membranes and release cellular contents. Probe Sonicator is also used to fragment molecules of DNA. Probe Sonicator is commonly used in nanotechnology for evenly dispersing nanoparticles in liquids and for breaking down particles to nano size.

A Sonicator system comprises of 3 main components: generator, convertor and horn (probe). The generator transforms AC line power to high frequency electrical energy. The generator features a keypad or buttons which allows the user to control the Sonication parameters. The generator provides high voltage pulses of energy at a frequency of 20KHz that drives a piezoelectric convertor. The convertor is a cylindrical device which is connected to the generator by a high voltage cable. The convertor transforms electrical energy to mechanical vibrations. The vibration is amplified and transmitted down the length of the probe/horn.


Prepare TissuePrepare EmulsionsImmiscible Liquids
Accelerate Enzymatic ReactionsAccelerate Chemical ReactionsStimulate Bacterial Activity
Disperse SolidsDegassing of LiquidsDe-agglomerate Powders
Dissolve PowdersDissolve TabletsEmulsify Cosmetics
Extract DNA / RNAExtract ProteinsEmulsify Liposomes


  • Large screen LCD
  • Full intensity control: Intensity is controlled from 1-100% giving a greater degree of resolution and ability to pinpoint the amplitude needed to effectively process sample.
  • Programmability: Parameters like total time, Pulse On Time, Pulse Off Time can be adjusted
  • Pulse mode: Adjustable Pulse On and Off time mode to reduce the heat rise in the temperature sensitive samples
  • Temperature monitoring: Integrated temperature control to prevent overheating of the sample

Standard Probes:

Probes are made from titanium and machined to specific sizes and shapes. When driven at their resonance frequency, they expand and contract longitudinally. This mechanical vibration is amplified and transmitted down the length of the probe. In liquid, the probe causes cavitation which constitutes the main mechanism for sample processing.

System Specification & Models


Power Rating150 -1200 W (Depending on model selected)
Operating Frequency20 KHZ
Input power100 -240V, 50 – 60Hz
Crusher capacity0.2-1000 ml(Depending on model & tip size selected)
Temperature controlAnalogue type temperature locking system to prevent sample degradation
Total timer0-999min
Pule on/ pulse off timer0.1-9.9sec


System Models:

ModelUltrasonic Frequency(KHZ)Maximum PowerProbe provided with instrumentOptional


Capacity (depending on tip/probe size)
PS15020-250-150 WSingle probe of any one size from the list of Optional probe for respective model will be provided free with instrument2,3.17,6.35 mm0.2-100ml
PS 25020-250-250 W2,3.17,6.35 mm0.2-200ml
PS 50020-250-500 W3.17, 6.35, 12.7mm0.2-500ml
PS 65020-250-650 W 3.17, 6.35, 12.7, 19mm0.2-500ml
PS 95020-250-950 W3.17, 6.35, 12.7, 19mm0.2-1000ml
PS 120019.5-20.50-1200 W3.17, 6.35, 12.7, 19mm0.2-1000ml

Order Information

Model No.CertificationPower RequirementsAccessories Supplied
PS 150CE Compliant220/230V AC 50Hz

110/110V AC 50-60Hz*

Generator and transducer depending on model selected

Covertor cable

One probe

Temperature probe

Power cord

Wrench set

Acoustic cabinet

Operation manual


PS 250
PS 500
PS 650
PS 950
PS 1200
OptionalProbes more than one as per selection are optional. Standard machine is supplied with only one probe.


*Needs to be specified in order information