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Digital Enhanced Thin Layer Chromatograph de-TLC

de-TLC is an inexpensive system, specially designed for PC-based documentation and analysis of thin layer chromatography (TLC) plates.

Scientist on a computer, using our exclusive de-TLC software, can quickly produce multi-spectral scans and calibration curves—output previously available only from more expensive equipment or complex procedures.

de-TLC combines an exceptionally versatile software module with a robust and easy to use imaging system to give you an outstanding instrument for all TLC plate applications.

Built to the highest standards but at an economic cost, de-TLC is the ideal choice for your laboratory.

Get de-TLC software and spend time on real research work instead of tedious measurements


  • Password protected system
  • Multiple image comparisons for statistical reliance
  • Interactive graphical analysis
  • Image refining
  • Image documentation
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Interact with results and find relevant information within seconds instead of days.
  • Inbuilt Calibration mode for periodic calibration
  • Export the data in pdf format
  • Create customizable reports
  • Search stored reports

UV Cabinet

  • Fitted with Three light sources:-
  • UV Short wave 254nm,
  • UV Long wave 365nm,
  • Visible Light.
  • Fixed with image capturing device with Still Image Sensor Resolution 5 megapixel

Order Information

  • Each de-TLC System will include:
  • CD of de-TLC software for single computer/laptop installation
  • UV Cabinet fitted with short wave and long wave length light and image capturing device.