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Thermal Place Preference Apparatus

Orchid’s Thermal Place Preference Test is an operator independent test to study pain thresholds in mouse or rat by assessing animal’s temperature preference (comfort zone). It’s a brand new tool for investigation in analgesia/nociception research. Thermal place preference apparatus consist of two plates, one hot-cold and second hot plate type. Animal has choice to spent time on plate of preferred temperature. The animal response can be visually observed by the user and marked manually or video can be recorded through camera and then analyzed using All Maze Software. (to be purchased optionally)


  • Easy to set-up
  • Touch screen display
  • Two different temperature zones- Hot and Hot-Cold
  • Operator-independent
  • Operated on unrestrained, freely moving animals
  • Cold Plate temperature can be held at a set point between-2°C to 60°C (±0.5°C)*, Hot plate temperature range 5°C above ambient to 65°C
  • Instrument has provision to add max sequence numbers, auto experiment number and animal sex.
  • Remote foot-switch controls the test start / stop allowing rapid Hands-free experiments
  • A built-in timer activated by an external foot switch allows the precise measurement of the reaction time
  • Cut off timer to avoid damage to animal
  • PC Connectivity with software
  • Software has provision to add title, comment, graphical presentation and data can be converted in excel or pdf

Parameters Measured

  • Time spent by animal in each zone
  • Temperature of each zone

Parameters to be set

  • Temperature
  • Cut off time

Model Each Plate dimension (mm)(L x W x H) Temperature range ° C Reaction Time Seconds Accessories included
TPP-01 180X180X06 For Cold Plate: -2°C to 60°C (± 0.5° C),

For Hot Plate: 5°C above ambient to 65°C (± 0.5° C)
Digital timer resolution of 0.1s Control panel, Main unit mounted with two plates, Acrylic enclosure, Pedal switch

Optional: Camera, all maze software for above

(Computer / Laptop & Printer to be arranged by user)

*Note: For achieving the extremes of the Cold mode temperature, ambient temperature must be within 17°C range of set temperature