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“To Study anti-convulsant activity”

Electroconvulsiometer is used for applying maximal electro-shock through corneal electrodes provided. Instrument is used to study the anti-convulsant activity of phenytoin against maximal electro-shock induced convulsions in rat or mice. The instrument is provided with ammeter to control current intensity, timer & corneal electrodes.


  • Precise control over current intensity
  • Digital Timer
  • Specially designed soft tipped ear electrodes preventing injury to animal ears
  • Insulating protection cover for ear electrode providing safety to user
  • Specially designed space adjustable corneal electrodes with different tip sizes

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System Specification & Models

Model Current Intensity Digital Timer
EC-02 0mA to 290mA 0.1s-10s

Order Information

Model Certifications Power requirements Accessories
EC-02 CE Compliant 220/230V AC 50Hz

110/120V AC 50-60Hz*

Corneal electrode with tip size of 4mm, 5mm and 6mm- 1 each

Ear electrode-1 set

Foot switch-1

*Needs to be specified in order information


Note: Orchid’s continuing product development makes specifications subject to change without prior notification.