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Rodent Treadmill

Small rodent treadmills are used for forced exercise training and accurate testing of fatigue in mouse and rats. The treadmill is a popular exercise system used to force-train rodents. The apparatus has a simple construction and provides the experimenter the ability to vary speeds and inclinations of the runway belt. Orchid’s Treadmill system utilizes shock grids to motivate the animal to keep running. The same device is suitable for tests on either rats or mice. Orchid’s Treadmill is a compact and user-friendly device with control unit having 7” touch screen display. Speed can be selected from 1 to 100m/min, in steps of 1m/min and also has different modes like constant, acceleration, de-acceleration and multistep mode. Orchid’s Treadmill also has a shock grid to deliver a mild electric shock, when an aversive stimulus is required. Shock can be preset from 0 to 2.5mA (in 0.1mA steps), with a selectable frequency of 1, 2 or 3 Hz. The running-lane assembly can be manually tilted from -25° to +25°, in 1° inclination. Experiment data can be transferred to the software specially designed for Rodent treadmill with features as experiment title, graphical presentation and report generation.


  • Same unit can be used for six mice or three rats
  • 7” touch screen display for easy visibility of all data
  • Unit can be run in different speed modes like constant, acceleration, de-acceleration and multistep mode.
  • Adjustable uphill or downhill lane slope from -25° to +25°
  • Data transfer software for report generation

Parameters to be set

  • Mode- normal/ acceleration/ de-acceleration
  • Time
  • Cut off time
  • Cut off time for shock

Parameters recorded

  • Distance travelled (± 4%)
  • Time taken for 1st shock (± 1sec)
  • Number of shocks
  • Total time spent with shock
  • Speed
  • Mode
  • Total duration
  • Duration completed

Specifications Model
Lane dimensions Rat: 3 lanes, 44.5 x 12 x 14cm
Mouse: 6 lanes, 44.5 x 6 x 14cm
Shock Area Rat: 11.4 x 12cm, Mouse: 11.4 x 6cm
Shock Grill Made of 5mm SS Rod with gap of 5.8 mm
Display 7” Touch screen
Shock Range Shock range: 0 to 2.5mA in increment of 0.1mA (accuracy ± 3%), Frequency 1/2/3 Hz
Speed 1 to 100 meter per min with increment of 1m/ min (accuracy ± 4%)
Inclination - 25° to +25° manually, in 1° inclination
Animals to be tested Mouse, Rat
PC Connectivity Ethernet
Model Power requirements Overall dimensions (L x W x H) mm Accessories
TRM-01 220/230V AC
50/60Hz or
110/120V AC
  • Control Unit: 260 X 430 x 190 mm
  • Main Unit: 600 x 850 x 600 mm
  • Control unit with display
  • Main Unit with belt
  • Acrylic lanes with hinged top lid for each lane
  • Waste collection tray
  • Ethernet cable
  • Software DVD
  • *Needs to be specified in order information

    Optional: Computer and printer to be arranged by user