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Guinea Pig Pans & Trolley

(Model GPP-1)

  • Made of AISI non-magnetic alkaline and chemical resistant 304 quality stainless steel material.
  • Pans are made of S.S 304 grade heavy duty 16 SWG sheet.
  • Pans are provided with 2 handles made from 4-5mm solid S.S. wire on each side for easy lifting
  • Pan has provision for holding 2 water bottles and is supplied with 2 number of Polypropylene 650ml bottles with S.S. nozzle.
  • Each pan has holes of 20mm diameters on all sides
  • All the joints will be argon arc welded with smooth and glossy finish.
  • Overall inner size: 920mm x 600mm x 230mm (LXWXH)


  • Made from 25 x 25mm, 16swg S.S. 304 square pipe
  • Suitable to hold 3 or 4 guinea pig pans with one pan in each shelf.
  • Movable on 4 No. of Polyurethane swivel castor wheels 2 with brakes.
  • The entire rack will be provided with stoppers on the backside of the angles to prevent cage falling from the back.
  • All the joints will be welded with argon arc welding with glossy finish

Guinea Pig Pans-Ordering Information

Product Model Floor space Accessories Supplied
Guinea Pig Pan S.S. GPP-1 5520.00 cm sq. S.S. 304 Pan with 650ml bottle and bottle holder
Optional Food hopper for above: J type with hanging option from inside:

Trolley/ Rack For Guinea Pig Pan-Ordering Information

Product Model Number of Pans
Rack for Three Guinea Pig Pan GPP-T-1 3
Rack for Four Guinea Pig Pan GPP-T-2 4