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Animal Cage and Bottle Washer

Equipment Application

Orchid Scientific's CW-C1 Series Cage and Bottle Washer is designed for facilities that require a heavy-duty washer with the same features as a floor mounted cage washer but in a cabinet configuration. The automatic cage washer equipment designed by Orchid Scientific is according to the requirements of users in the laboratory animal industry for cage cleaning. It uses hot water combined with acidic or alkaline cleaning agent, high pressure and large flow spray method to achieve the automatic spray cleaning process for cage boxes, box covers, metal gride and drinking bottles.


Door: Vertical lift glass door.

Door sealing system: Inflatable expansion silicon resin seal.


The shell material is S.S. 304 stainless steel and the cleaning chamber is 316L stainless steel.

Control system

PLC control with 9-inch touch screen HMI.

20 cleaning and rinsing protocols like alkaline cleaning, acid neutralizing, high temperature pure water rinsing can be saved

Equipped with automatic start program, self-cleaning maintenance program and temperature lock program.

Three level passwords protection system

Cleaning System

Standard Cycle: Cleaning temperature ≥55°C, rinse temperature ≥80°C, Circulation time ≤4.5min, the standard procedure includes washing, draining, rinsing, and cleaning volume ≥32cage/circulation, ≥96 drinking bottle/circulation of 300 ml capacity.

The inner chamber is fitted with 3 spraying arms having 44 washing nozzles and 86 rinsing nozzles. These spraying arms rotate during the washing process.

Circulating pump spray cleaning (1200 L/min), equipped with variable frequency soft start function, reduce the damage to the cages.

The rinsing system is equipped with an independent temperature control water tank, spray pipelines and spray water pumps.

The pressure of the cleaning faucet is ≥1.5 Bar, the rinsing tap is ≥ 1.4 Bar.

The cages in the cleaning compartment can be tilted and placed horizontally and the cleaning rack can be adjusted adaptively.

Safety protection

Equipment is fitted with Door locking device which prevents the machine from working when door is open.

The control Panel has the emergency stop device.

Power-off protection: automatically close the water supply and steam pipelines when the power is off.

Pressure protection for cleaning chamber: It has a pressure release device to avoid excessive pressure in the cleaning chamber.

Abnormal situation alarm: buzzer and visual.


Deionized water is the working medium, the water in the cleaning chamber is circulated in the cleaning pipeline through a large-flow circulating pump and the cage is sprayed through the spray arm to wash; High-temperature purified rinsing water is recycled as the cleaning water for the next process, saving resources.

Acid cleaning process Alkaline cleaning process
Application Effectively remove urine stains and lime dirt, especially suitable for cleaning PSU animal cages and drinking bottles. Effectively remove various organic residues in rodent cages.
Material compatibility PP, PSU, PC, PEI and stainless-steel material, etc.
Automatic spray cleaning Acid liquid, High efficiency cleaning agent without surfactant. Alkaline liquid without surfactant, phosphates and oxidants. It is recommended to use an acidic cleaning agent after alkaline cleaning
Drying Adequate rinsing can avoid the formation of scale spots on the surface after drying. Polysulfone (PSU) materials must use surface - free cleaning agents & Cage surface must be free from any traces of the detergent before drying / autoclaving
Cage model(Orchid’s IVC Cage) Number of cages per cycles
US 300 Lid 32
US 300 Tray 32
US 500 Lid 28
US 500 Tray 28
US 900 Lid 12
US 900 Tray 12
Model Number Internal dimensions
(L x W x H) mm
External dimensions
(L x W x H) mm
Power requirement Accessories Supplied
CW-C1 1550 x 750 x 1070 2050 x 850 x 1950 440V, 50Hz Supplied with: Baskets for holding cages of any 1 size: 04 Nos Basket for holding water bottles of 300ml capacity: 04 Nos