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Euro Rabbit Cage System is the latest upgraded model with improved ergonomics, and reduced costs all while providing a safe, secure, and long-lasting housing solution for our partners and their research. This system features of large and comfortable spaces with the provision of removable partitions providing a facility for socializing for cage inhabitants.

  • Noryl perforated floor assures no sharp edges enhancing animal comfort.

  • Smooth and rounded extrusions adjacent to the perforations allow more efficient drain into to excreta tray and also provide warm, quiet walk space reducing sore animal hocks.

  • The rack interlinking system gives provision to increase floor space and socializing for cage inhabitants

  • Noryl polymer ensures repeated and longer sterilization cycles

  • A fast-dry roof design results in quicker and easier washing procedures

  • A push-and-close system allows the gate to be closed easily even while holding animals reducing stress in the animals.

  • Plastic cage body resistant to alkaline and acid detergents

  • Transparent removable side panels allow clear visibility of the entire cage

  • Rack: The rack main frame is fabricated from AISI 304 quality stainless steel rectangular pipe of Size 30 x 20mm. Racks comprising of cage top & and side parts are made of S.S. 304 rods 2.5, 4.0, and 6.0 mm in diameter & and S.S. 304 sheets of 0.6, 1.2, 1.5 mm.

  • Door: The door of size 746mm x 385mm is fitted on the main frame of the trolley.

  • Floor Tray: Perforated floor tray of Noryl material of size 710 x 714 mm with 5/8"/16 m circular floor perforations for urine and feces collection.

  • Excreta Tray: 720 x720 mm Stainless Steel 304 for waste collection

  • Food Hopper: Fabricated from 23swg stainless steel 304 sheets of size 150x190x205mm and fits on the door.

  • Water Bottle: Made of autoclavable food grade Polycarbonate material of capacity 500ml with S.S. nozzle

  • Wheels: The entire battery with cages will move on 4 nos. of Polyurethane swivel 4” castor wheels two with brakes and two without brakes.

  • Side walls: Cage side walls are made of transparent polycarbonate material with openable by sliding. The middle partition in the case of 6 Cage system is also made of transparent polycarbonate material.

  • Rack Interlinking Clamps: One side of each rack has interlinking clamps for connecting or adding additional racks for floor space expansions, breeding, or socializing.
    All the joints will be argon arc welded with a smooth finish.

  • Cage Free Height: 465mm

  • Cage Floor Space: 4200 sq. cm

  • Single Cage Inner dimensions: 725 x 715 x 530mm

Product Model Outer Dimensions approx with wheel Accessories Supplied
Euro Rabbit Cage System (6 cages) RBINT-NOR-01 (6 cages) 1545 X 765 X 1810 mm
  • Trolley with sides, top and door fitted with castor wheels along with following accessories:

  • Noryl perforated trays: 06

  • S.S 304 waste collection trays: 06

  • Food Hopper: 06

  • Water bottle 500ml Polycarbonate: 06

Euro Rabbit Cage System (3 cages) RBINT-NOR-02 (3 cages) 785 X 765 X 1810 mm
  • Trolley with sides, top and door fitted with castor wheels along with following accessories:

  • Noryl perforated trays: 03

  • S.S 304 waste collection trays: 03

  • Food Hopper: 03

  • Water bottle 500ml Polycarbonate: 03