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Animal Bedding Dispensing Station

Bedding Dispensing Stations are designed to fill animal bedding material quickly and accurately into the animal cages. These freestanding dispensers have free-flowing bedding material with dust control.

Bedding material to be dispensed is added to the tank at the bottom side and is taken up through the vacuum force and the required set quantity is dispensed in the cages placed below the dispenser outlet ports with an accuracy of ±5%. Bedding material is dispensed only when the cages are placed below the dispenser outlet ports as the unit is fitted with sensors to detect the cage position. The waste material will be collected back in the bottom tank and reused to avoid any wastage. The machine is fitted with a dust suction fan which operates automatically as per the set cycle to remove the excess dust. Further, the unit is fitted with a lower limit sensor which gives an alarm when the bedding material in the tank reaches to lower limit.

  • Touch screen PLC-HMI control

  • Negative pressure H13 filter for dust removal during the dispensing of bedding material in the cages, fixed on the backside of cage trays

  • Two-stage HEPA high-efficiency air filtration system for removal of dust during lifting of bedding material and dispensing down

  • 4 programs to set the cage model and filling volume for bedding materials.


Tank Capacity

Bedding Material


190 ltr.

Corn cobb bedding materials of size 2-4mm, 4-6mm


Filter Details

Power Requirements

External Dimensions & height of working table L x W x H (mm)

Optional Accessories


Three HEPA Filters

380V AC 50Hz Three phase supply

1120 x 780 x 2290mm
± 10 mm

Stabilizer required for converting 440 V to 380 V