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Tail Flick Analgesia Meter

For measuring pain sensitivity in mice & rats

Orchid Scientific’s Tail Flick Analgesia Meter measures pain sensitivity in mice and rats as they respond to heat application to a small area of the tails.

The instrument has a shutter-controlled lamp as a heat source. The lamp is located below the animal to provide a less confining environment.

Lamp starts 5 seconds prior to actual shutter opening so that the heat source provides a constant temperature to the animal’s tail, avoiding temperature variations which are most common with non-shuttered systems.

The animal is generally restrained and its tail is placed on a sensing groove on top of the instrument.

Activation of an intense light beam to the tail results in a discomfort leading to tail flick out of the beam at some time point. Instrument can be used in auto mode or manual mode.

In the manual mode, the foot-switch is released. In the auto mode the photo detector detects the tail flick, causing the timer to stop.

The total time elapsed between shutter opening and animal’s tail flick is displayed on an easily read display located on the front panel.


  • Shutter operated lamp illumination system
  • Automatic or manual mode for detecting tail flick
  • Precise and reproducible results
  • Cut off timer to avoid damage to animal
  • Instrument has provision to add max sequence numbers, auto experiment number and animal sex.
  • PC Connectivity with software
  • Software with calibration and report generation feature
  • Software has provision to add title, comment, graphical presentation and data can be converted in excel or pdf
  • Calibration mode using Heat Flux meter (optional device)

System Specification & Models

Model Control Unit Dimensions mm (LxWxH) Halogen Lamp


Animal Restrainer


Lamp Intensity Range (%) Reaction Time (Seconds)



400x310x130 Halogen 8V-50W Mouse Restrainer
Rat Restrainer
1-99% 0-999.99 seconds

Order Information

Model Certifications Power requirements Accessories
TFA-01 CE Compliant 220/230V AC 50Hz
110/120V AC 50-60Hz*
Control Panel-1

Mouse Restrainer-1

Rat Restrainer-1

Pedal switch-1


Radiometer (optional)