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Infra-red Actimeter

To study spontaneous motor activity in open field

Orchid’s Infra-red Actimeter or Actophotometer is used to measure the spontaneous activity by means of infra-red beams. Orchid’s Infra-red (IR) Actimeter represent an ideal tool for assessing loco-motor activity & exploration in rodents. The system represents a reliable system for easy & rapid drug screening in both day & night light condition.

The system may be used evaluation of

Spontaneous locomotor activity

Exploration / curiosity (Nose-spoke detection in hole-board)

The IR Actimeter system is basically composed of one square frame, frame stand & hole board plate. The frame is equipped with 32 IR cells, out of which 16 cells are on X-axis & 16 cells are on Y-axis. The instrument control panel will display number of beam brakes by animal on all axis and total of all in both actimeter and hole board mode.


  • Same instrument useful for Actimeter study and Hole Board Study.
  • Maintenance free compact system.
  • Minimum lightening conditions required.
  • Same system can be upgraded for Z axis.
  • System can work without computer.
  • Software for Data analysis & Report generation.
  • Provision to add experiment name, comments, study number, alternate group & animal number, animal sex, animal type, mode selection, number of groups and animals per group.
  • Provision to set cut off timer.
  • Graphical presentation in software report.
  • Data can be converted to excel & Pdf file for further analysis.
  • Automatic Reading averaging in exp. report


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System Specification & Models

Model Number of IR Frames


Number of IR Beams per frame Number of Holes & Hole diameter for Hole Board Plate for mice Number of Holes & Hole diameter for Hole Board Plate for Rat


X Axis
Y Axis
(transmitter & receiver pair)
16 IR beams per frame 16 holes of diameter 17mm 16 holes of diameter 27mm

Order Information

Model Certifications Power requirements Accessories
ACT-01 CE Compliant 220/230V AC 50Hz
110/110V AC 50-60Hz*
Supplied with X axis, Y axis frames, Hole board plate for mice & rat, Software for data transfer
Optional Frame for Z Axis

*Needs to be specified in order information