Anesthesia and Euthanasia System

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Anesthesia and Euthanasia System

Orchid has designed an Anesthesia and Euthanasia System which is suitable to carry out anesthesia as well as euthanasia procedures on small rodents. Each system includes a trolley mounted with Tec 3 Isoflurane vaporizer, Oxygen and Carbon dioxide flowmeter. The control panel is mounted with different options like quick flush switch for flushing oxygen, induction chamber or nose cone mask selection switch, active or passive evacuation switch and euthanasia supply and exhaust ports. This trolley is also fitted with three electrical sockets with switches for connecting the evacuation system, heating blanket or air pump. Trolley is fitted with four castor wheels for ease of movements.


  • Made of stainless steel 304 material

  • Single system for anesthesia and euthanasia operation

  • Fitted with all control panel switches, inlet and outlet ports at single place giving ease of operation

  • Fitted with electrical sockets for connecting evacuation system, air pump or heating blanket.

  • Fitted with drawer at bottom for keeping accessories

  • Provision to fix cylinders on the same trolley

Product Product Code Accessories included/ mounted Optional

Anesthesia Euthanasia System

AES Ultra 01

Stainless steel trolley, Tec 3 isoflurane vaporizer, oxygen flowmeter, carbon dioxide flow meter, end caps, quick flush switch, key fill adaptor. Three electrical sockets with switches and stainless steel drawer are mounted on the trolley. Fitted with castor wheels for ease of movement

  • Evacuation apparatus with canisters

  • Nose cone mask of choice

  • Single or five channel manifold

  • Induction chamber or euthanasia chamber of choice

  • Heating blanket

  • Air pump / O2 / CO2 cylinders