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Paw Pressure Analgesia Meter

Orchid’s Digital Paw Pressure Analgesia Meter, Randall Selitto test has been designed according to Randall-Selitto test for rapid and precise screening of analgesic drugs on the normal and inflamed rat paw and displays the pressure digitally.

This test is based on determination of the animal threshold response to pain induced in the paw by the application of a uniformly increasing pressure.

The user depresses a pedal switch to start the mechanism which applies the force. When the animal start to struggles, the user releases the pedal and the pressure at which the animal felt pain is displayed on the TFT Display. The Pressure applicator goes up automatically as soon as the measurement is over.

A remote foot-switch controls the motor allowing rapid hands-free experiments. An automatic system is activated once the distal extreme switch of the sliding support track is reached or when the pedal is released at the test ending point. Then, the motor reverse its rotation, sliding up the pressure applicator again.

Force software can be used to automatically record the results on PC with USB adapter.


  • Software for Data analysis & Report generation
  • Inbuilt weight calibration & calibration report generation facility
  • Instrument operates on rechargeable battery*
  • Capacity 2000gf with resolution of 0.1 gf
  • Data can be converted to excel & Pdf file for further analysis
  • Provision to add experiment name, instrument serial number, test ID, animal sex & 3 readings averaging facility in software report
  • Easy interface between Software & Instrument using USB cable
  • Digital TFT Display
  • Foot-switch control
  • Pressure control by different speeds of motor
  • In-built Memory up to 150 Readings can be saved
  • Free to set upper and lower deviation data, automatically determine whether or not qualified
  • Three units for measurement available gf/N/ lbf

*For India only due to restrictions of battery transportation

System Specification & Models

Specifications Model
Capacity 2000 gf
Resolution 0.1 gf
Accuracy ±0.2%
Display type TFT
Battery Rechargeable battery*
Measurement Units Grams(gf)/Newton(N)/Pound(Lbf)
Useful for Paw & Tail Pressure Measurement
PC Connectivity Using USB Cable
Required System Configuration Windows 7/8 or 10 etc ≥ 512 MB RAM , ≥ 100GB Hard disk
Power Requirements 220/230 V AC 50-60Hz or

110/120 V AC 50-60Hz**

Control Unit Dimensions  140 (W) x 200 (D) x 80 (H) mm
Stimulation Unit Dimensions  185 (W) x 235 (D) x 245 (H) mm

*For India only due to restrictions of battery transportation

**Needs to be specified in order information

Order Information

Model Useful for Accessories
PPA-01 Animal threshold response to pain induced in the paw according to the Randall-Selitto test Paw pressure applicator unit,
Control Panel,
Pedal switch,
Pressure applicator tips-2,
USB Cord,