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Vogel Test Apparatus or Vogel Test Anxiometer is used for screening of anxiolytic effects of drugs on small laboratory animals like mice and rat.

The Vogel test is a conflict test has become a standard for fast screening the potential anxiolytic properties of drugs. In this procedure, the drinking behaviour is punished by mild electrical shocks leading to a significant reduction of water consumption in deprived animals. Drinking responses are then re-established by drugs with anxiolytic properties.

Vogel test consists of a standard home cage for mice as well as rat associated with a grid floor. An electronic unit associated with a special nipple ensures the detection and counting of the licks reflecting the animal drinking behaviour.

Orchid’s Vogel Test Apparatus is designed to induce anxiety within a subject and monitor the degree of drug effect by the administration of a mild shock after 20 licks on a sipper tube. The shock is delivered through the sipper tube and is maintained for a selectable duration of 0.25 to 2.0 seconds. The intensity of shock is user adjustable. With the onset of the initial shock, Anxiometer begins a three minute testing session during which the total number of licks and shocks (administered with every 20th lick) is recorded on front panel counters. The performance of anti-anxiety drugs can be measured by comparing the drinking behaviour of punished drugged rats to the behaviour of punished non-drugged rats.


  • Specially designed water bottle making lick count & shock delivery only on water contact and not on sipper tube contact
  • Software for data collection and data can be converted to excel or Pdf
  • Provision to add experiment name and comment facility in software report
  • Parameters calculated: Number of licks and Number of shocks
  • Adjustable parameters: Shock Duration: 0.25s to 2s , Shock Intensity: 100µA to 2.9mA, Number of licks for giving shock: 1-99, Duration of test period: 1-99 min

System Specification & Models

Cage Provided
Model VTA 01
Mice cage Polycarbonate cage of size 29 x 22 x 14 cm with S.S. top grill and floor supplied with 150ml water bottle
Rat Cage Polycarbonate cage of size 43 x 29 x 20cm with S.S. top grill and floor supplied with 250ml water bottle

Order Information

Model Certifications Power requirements Accessories
VTA- 01 CE Compliant 220/230V AC 50Hz
110/110V AC 50-60Hz*
Mice cage- Polycarbonate mice cage of size 29 x 22 x 14cm, with 150ml water bottle, top and floor S.S. 304 Grill, Rat cage- Polycarbonate rat cage of size 43 x 29 x 20cm, with 250ml water bottle, top and floor S.S. 304 Grill, CD for software, RS232 Cable, RS232 to USB converter

*Needs to be specified in order information


Note: Orchid’s continuing product development makes specifications subject to change without prior notification.