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Grip Strength Meter

Grip Strength Meter – for assessing neuromuscular functions in rodents like mice and rat.

Orchid’s Grip Strength Meter measures the muscle strength in both forelimbs and hind limbs, allowing assessment of neuromuscular function.

The system can be used to study effects of hormones, toxins, muscle relaxants as well as disease or the aging process on the muscular strength of the animal. The system can be configured for rats, mouse or other small laboratory animals.

Basically, the grip strength meter is positioned horizontally and the subjects are held by the tail and lowered towards the apparatus. The animals are allowed to grasp the metal bar or grid and are then pulled backwards in the horizontal plane. The force applied to the bar or to the grid just before it loses grip is recorded as the peak force. This force can be measured in Kg/Gram, Newton or lbs.

Systems for measuring grip strength of both front limb as well as hind limbs of mice & rats are available.


  • Motor Phenotyping
  • Drug Screening
  • Neuromuscular Diseases
  • Parkinson Disease
  • Huntington Disease
  • Aging



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  • Pre Calibrated easy to use system
  • High accuracy and resolution
  • Automatically stores the peak force achieved by the limbs
  • Each system supplied with 2 sets of grips for mice and rat
  • Fit to Rats & Mice with a simple change of Grip Accessories
  • Stand alone system, no need of computer
  • Zero key to make readings zero during operations
  • PC Connectivity with Software using USB cable for data analysis & report generation
  • Inbuilt weight calibration & calibration report generation facility
  • Instrument operates on rechargeable battery*
  • Digital TFT Display
  • In-built Memory up to 150 Readings can be saved
  • Free to set upper and lower deviation data, automatically determine whether or not qualified
  • Three units for measurement available gf/N/ lbf


*For India only due to restrictions of battery transportation

System Specification & Models

Specifications Model
Capacity 2000gf 2000gf
Resolution 0.1gf 0.1gf
Accuracy ±0.2% ±0.2%
Display TFT TFT
Battery Rechargeable batteries*
Unit Gram/N/lbs Gram/N/lbs
Useful for Forelimbs Forelimbs & Hindlimbs
PC Connectivity Through USB Through USB
Material of composition Methacrylate, S.S. 304
Certifications CE Compliant
Power requirements 220/230V AC 50Hz
110/110v AC 50-60Hz**

*For India only due to restrictions of battery transportation

** Needs to be specified in order information

Software Features

  • Provision of experiment title, instrument serial number, animal start number and animal end number, animal sex selection so that no need of manual entry of animal number for each animal.
  • Software will automatically create the rows from selected animal start number up to the last animal number.
  • Averaging option: Software will automatically give average of 3 readings if needed.
  • Error code option: Errors like instrument error, wrong animal number and repeat trial can be coded in front of a particular reading if needed.
  • Data can be converted to excel & Pdf file for further analysis

Order Information

Model Useful For Sensor Accessories
GSM 01 RS Forelimbs One sensor unit with USB port 1 set of grip for mice: Standard Grip, T grip
1 set of grip for rat: Standard Grip, T grip
Height Adjustable stand
Software for PC Connectivity
GSM 02 RS Forelimbs & Hindlimbs Two sensor units with USB port 2 sets of grip for mice: Standard Grip, T grip
2 set of grip for rat: Standard Grip, T grip
Height Adjustable stand
Software for PC Connectivity

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