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Orchid’s gas anesthesia system for rodent is one of the safest, user friendly and the most economical gas anesthesia system in the market. Our system successfully integrates efficient gas delivery at the same time minimizing excess gas exposure to lab personnel.


  • Compact & modular

  • TEC3 vaporizers with Key fill adaptors, minimizing exposure to anesthetic agents

  • Table top or Trolley mounted options available

  • Depth of anesthesia can be easily adjusted

  • Suitable for different animals, by changing masks or induction chamber

  • Suitable for multiple animals using multichannel manifold

  • Options of oxygen concentrator or air pump available eliminating need of gas tank

Every anesthesia procedure needs following components to conduct an induction phase and a maintenance phase

  • Anesthetic Vaporizer with flow meter

  • Gas Evacuation/ Scavenging system(for gas anesthetic removal)

  • Induction box and/or mask with breathing circuit

Anesthesia Vaporizer Module

Comprises of oxygen flow meter, vaporizer, stand, end caps, toggle switch and quick flush switch.

Quick flush switch enables immediate delivery of oxygen either to flush the anesthetic agent in the induction chamber to evacuation unit or to recover the animal in emergency. Toggle switch allows convenient and immediate switch over between induction chamber and mask.

A precise and calibrated flow meter of range from 0.1 to 4.0LPM with large scale for precision and ease of reading is mounted on the Anesthesia module.

New Tec 3 Vaporizer

  • We offer new Tec3 key fill anesthetic vaporizer made from lightweight aluminum.

  • It has one piece sump for added strength.

  • Calibrated specifically for Isoflurane using a Laser Refractometer.

  • Safety lock to prevent accidental turn-on of dial.

  • When used with the I.P.P.V. the variation in outputs is negligible.

  • 150ml of drug capacity

  • They provide accurate delivery of anesthetic agent in following range: from 0.5%-5% in 0.5% increments.

Euthanasia Anesthesia Vaporizer Module

Comprises of oxygen and carbon dioxide flow meter, vaporizer, stand, end caps, switch, etc. Useful for carrying out euthanasia & anesthesia on small rodents

Product Product Code Accessories included
Anesthesia Vaporizer Module AVM-01 Stand, vaporizer, oxygen flowmeter, end caps, quick flush switch, vaporizer mounting gaskets, screws, silicon tube
  • Gas Evacuation System

  • Induction chamber

  • Nose Cone Mask

  • Manifold for Multiple Masks

  • Oxygen Source

  • Stainless Steel Trolley for Anesthesia System

  • Anesthesia and Euthanasia System

Gas Evacuation System

The scavenging system is designed for the removal of waste gas associated with inhalation anesthesia, safely and actively. It consists of Gas Evacuation Apparatus and Activated Charcoal Canister. The Gas Evacuation System can pull the waste gas through activated charcoal canister so that air can be recirculated into the room.

Product Product Code Accessories included
Gas Evacuation Apparatus, 110 - 240V with 1 pc of Gas filter canister FXA - 01 Gas evacuation unit with main cord, 1pc of filter canister
Gas filter canister 830g, large, 1pc GASF - 01 1pc of gas filter canister
Gas filter canister, large, Packet of 6pc GASF - 06 6pcs of gas filter canister



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Induction chamber

Induction chamber makes it possible to anesthetize rodents without stress often associated with handling in connection with anesthesia.

Induction Chamber is constructed of thick, transparent plastic, with all joints securely cemented. The transparent plastic allows the animal to be under constant observation.

Product Code no.
Suitable for mouse/ neonatal rat Inner dimensions: 4.72” X 3.93” x 4.72” (12 x 10 x 12cm) EUTH-1A
Suitable for rat up to 300g, Inner dimensions: 9.05” x 4.33” x 6.69” (23 X 11 X 17cm) EUTH-1B
Suitable for rat up to 500g/ guinea pig up to 350g, inner dimensions: 11” x 5.75” x 7” (27.94 × 14.60 × 17.78) EUTH-2A
Suitable for Large rat (above 500g)/ Guinea pig (above 350g), inner dimension: 16” x 8” x 8” (40.64 × 20.32 × 20.32) EUTH-3

Nose Cone Mask

Mask provides predictable delivery of anesthesia for small laboratory animals. The stream lined flow eliminates any dead space in the mask, avoiding the need for tight fitting face masks.

Orchid’s nose cone mask is made from transparent material with openings from soft black silicone material making it comfortable for animal. Each mask has separate inlet for delivery of anesthetic agent and outlet for connecting to Gas Evacuation System so that exposure of anesthetic agent to the researchers will be avoided. Single channel stand is also available for holding the mask of any of the size and to adjust the position of the mask as needed.

Product Product Code
Size 1: Nose cone mask for mouse, Diameter 25mm x length 66mm, exposure area 5mm, suitable for animal of weight range 15-40g NCON-A
Size 2: Nose cone mask for mouse/ neonatal rat, Diameter 25mm x length 56mm, exposure area 10mm, suitable for animal of weight range 40-100g NCON-B
Size 3: Nose cone mask for rat, Diameter 30mm x length 56mm, exposure area 17mm, suitable for animal of weight range 100-300g NCON-C
Size 4: Nose cone mask for large rat/ Guinea pig , Diameter 40mm x length 56mm, exposure area 24mm, suitable for animal of weight range 300-450g NCON-D
Size 5: Mask for Rabbit NCON-E
Breathing bag and endotracheal tube for Rabbit mask RAB-AC-01
Single Channel stand- suitable for one mouse/ rat mask NCT-1

Manifold for Multiple Masks

The manifold allows the connection of up to 5 nose masks of mice or up to 3 nose cone masks of rats respectively to one anesthesia system for simultaneous operation.

Each manifold has provision to make connection to Gas Evacuation System so that waste gas from all masks can be evacuated.

Product Product Code
Five Channel Manifold – suitable for 5 mouse masks/ 3 rat masks NCT-5

Non-breathing circuits

Ayre’s T-piece breathing circuit (Mapleson E) offer advantage of low dead space as well as low resistance to breathing, which is very important when we consider anesthesia in small animals.

Heating Blanket

The heating pad helps to keep rodent warm during anesthesia and thus prevent hypothermia. Plate is made of Aluminium for uniform heat distribution and temperature can be controlled using a digital temperature controller.

Product Product Code
Heating blanket with digital temperature controller, suitable for one mouse/ rat
Controller Unit (LXWXH mm) : 153 X 160 X 80 mm
Heating Blanket (LXWXH mm) : 220 X 120 X 19 mm

Oxygen Source

An oxygen source is needed for anesthesia procedure and usually it’s an oxygen tank. Orchid has provided two options to client eliminating need of Oxygen tank.

a.Air pump:
Low noise air pump with stable, safe and reliable performance.
Compact design and easy to transfer Voltage: 110/220V AC

Stainless Steel Trolley for Anesthesia System

Orchid has designed special trolleys for carrying Veterinary anesthesia system with provision to mount main console and also foldable shelves for placing Induction Chambers, Nose Cone Mask and Gas Evacuation Apparatus. Trolley also has provision to held 10ltr capacity oxygen cylinder.

Trolley has four castor wheels out which two are with brake and two are without brake.

Product Product Code
Stainless Steel Trolley with castor wheels for above system with provision to hold oxygen cylinder of 10 ltr capacity and 3 foldable shelves, Suitable for Anesthesia System TR-AVM