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Rotarod Apparatus

to evaluate drug effects on motor coordination, balance and motor learning in rodents

Rotarod test is widely used to evaluate drug effects on motor coordination, balance and motor learning in rodents.

The principle of this test is that rats or mice are first trained to walk on a rod rotating at a certain speed. Once the animals have learned this, the effect of a test-compound on their motor performance is evaluated.

Animals experiencing impaired motor coordination are unable to cope with the rotating rod and will drop off when the rotation speed exceeds their motor coordination capacity. When the animal drops from rod safely into its own lane, the time latency to fall is automatically recorded.

Orchid’s Rotarod is controlled by an advanced microprocessor which provides precise timing control and accurate speed regulation. Rotation can be electronically set at a constant speed (5-60 rpm) using a dial on the front panel.


  • Same instrument can be used for mice as well as rat just by changing the rotor
  • Five Lanes
  • Mechanical detection of fall
  • Individual lane timers (0-9999.9s) with resolution of 0.1s
  • Electronic rod speed adjustment- constant speed (5-60 rpm)
  • Software for data collection
  • Easy replacement of rotor



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System Specification & Models

RR 01
Number of lanesFive
Speed5-60 rpm
Timer0-9999.9s (resolution-0.1s)
Rotor specificationsMice rotor- 30mm diameter
Rat rotor- 60mm diameter
Lane width75 mm
Height to fallFor Mice: 285 mm
For Rat: 300 mm
Material of compositionMethacrylate, Aluminium
CertificationsCE Compliant
Power requirements220/230V AC 50Hz
110/110v AC 50-60Hz*
Overall Dimensions570 x 300 x 590 mm

*Needs to be specified in order information

Order Information

RR 01Basic instrument-1
Mice rotor-1
Rat rotor -1
Tools for assembling
Software for data transfer
RS 232 Cod-1
RS232 to USB convertor-1


Note: Orchid’s continuing product development makes specifications subject to change without prior notification.