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Polypropylene Guinea Pig Cages and Trolley

Polypropylene Guinea Pig Cages with Raised Top Grill

Model GPS-PP-01

These cages are made of two parts, one of P.P. tray and top grill made of S.S. 304 material.

P.P. Tray: P.P. tray is made of autoclavable food grade P.P. material with dimensions of 650 x 500 x 215mm and thickness of 5mm±0.5mm

Raised S.S. grill: Grill is made of mesh of AISI non-magnetic alkaline and chemical resistant 304 quality stainless steel wire of 2.5mm welded on 5mm S.S. rod frame with a gap of 8mm between wires. Grill has a provision for fixing water bottle and keeping food pellets. Grill has two hooks with rollers of brass material for fixing grill to the top of P.P. cage body. Grill is also fitted with tag holder for fixing tag and handle from top side for ease of lifting.

Water bottle: Made of autoclavable food grade Polypropylene material of capacity 650ml with S.S. nozzle

Food Hopper: J shaped food hopper made of S.S. 304 material is supplied with cage.

Floor Space: 2288cm2

Overall Size: 650mm (L) x 500 mm (W) x 280 mm (H)


*Autoclavable at 121⁰ C temperature and pressure 15 LB/ Sq inch for 15 minutes

Polypropylene Guinea Pig Cages with Top Door

This type of cage has door on the top side for animal removal with lock and two handles.

Trolley / Rack for holding Polypropylene Guinea Pig Cages

  • Sliding type rack for holding P.P. guinea pig cages
  • MOC: AISI 304 quality S.S. square pipe of Size 30mm x 30mm & stainless steel angle.
  • Movable on 4 No. of Polyurethane swivel castor wheels 2 with brakes.
  • The entire rack will be provided with stoppers on the backside of the angles to prevent cage falling from the back.
  • All the joints will be welded with argon arc welding with glossy finish

Racks are supplied in ready to assemble parts for ease of transportation and packing.

Polypropylene Guinea Pig Cage-Ordering Information

Product Model Accessories Supplied
Guinea Pig Cage P.P. GPS-PP-01 P.P. Tray, S.S. Top grill, Water bottle, food hopper
Guinea Pig Cage P.P. (top lid) GPS-PP-02 P.P. Tray, S.S. Top grill, Water bottle, food hopper

Trolley Or Rack For P.P. Guinea Pig Cages-Ordering Information

Model Number of


Number of


Total cages


GPS-PP-T-9 3 3 9
GPS-PP-T-12 3 4 12
GPS-PP-T-16 4 4 16

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