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Feeding and Dosing Needles

Animal Feeding Needles with the Orchid Scientific brand are designed to meet the needs of pharmacologists, toxicologists, pathologists and other biomedical researchers. These Feeding Needles are mostly used for dosing and oral feeding of laboratory animals. Assembly of a stainless steel ball on the tip of each tube insures a quality needle suited for feeding and dosing without injury to sensitive tissues.


  • Ideal for use on mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits and other small rodents
  • Smooth ball on the tip of needle helps prevent soft tissue injury
  • Cannula and balls made of AISI 304 Stainless steel
  • Hub made from Nickel plated Brass
  • Luer lock
  • Leak proof and strong joint between hub- cannula and steel ball-cannula
  • Available in straight and bent type

System Specification & Models

Needles are available as packet of 6 needles of same size in each packet.

Needle Size Suitable for animal Length (Inches) S.S. Ball Diameter (mm)
10G Rabbit 6” 6.00
12G Rabbit 4” 5.00
12G Rabbit 3” 5.00
14G Rat 3” 4.00
16G Rat 3” 3.00
18G Mice 1.5" 2.50
18G Mice 2" 2.50
18G Mice 3" 2.50
20G Mice 3" 2.00
20G Mice 1.5" 2.00
22G Mice 1” 2.00
22G Mice 2" 2.00
24G Mice 1” 1.00