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Services - Anesthesia Vaporizer Calibration

Anesthesia vaporizer manufacturers recommend cleaning and calibrating your equipment on a regular basis. A common range is from one to three years depending on your model.

Why service your vaporizers?

To ensure the vaporizer is delivering the correct required concentration of anesthetic agent it needs to be professionally serviced. Un-serviced vaporizers have the potential to leak agent into the atmosphere causing a potential health hazard to veterinarians and their staff.

Why service your vaporizers with ORCHID SCIENTIFIC?

ORCHID SCIENTIFIC has the experience and trained personnel to provide safe handling and working procedures for optimizing the long term performance of your equipment.

  • ORCHID SCIENTIFIC offers a quick turn-around time. From the time your vaporizer arrives at ORCHID SCIENTIFIC it takes between 5-7 days.
  • ORCHID SCIENTIFIC offers a great price for vaporizer cleaning and calibration.

Documentation of Equipment Validation/Service
ORCHID SCIENTIFIC provides specific documentation with every service:

  • Date of last service
  • Initials of the person who performed the test
  • Test results
  • Vaporizers will have a certificate of the calibration date affixed after each service
  • Documentation of service will be affixed to each anesthesia machine or vaporizer that is in service

Recommended Service Time
The primary standard for re-calibration / certification is the manufacturer recommendation. If no such recommendation exists then the anesthetic agent delivery should be validated annually or any time the vaporizer has not been in service for more than one year. If the verified delivery is 15% out of calibration, the unit should be serviced by a professional service center.

Instrument Calibration and Validation

Instrument calibration is a process that provides corrections which make a logger accurate. Calibration services are based on the process of comparison with a reference or standard in order to give set corrections and/or uncertainties characteristic of the instrument being calibrated. The results of the calibration process may be then used in the adjustment of the instrument. Validation is used to give information regarding the accuracy or inaccuracy of the logger. It is a check to confirm that the instrument fits the specifications required for some particular use, that is, what a laboratory may do as part of its own procedure to determine whether a specific instrument can be used for a specific purpose. Orchid Scientific is well equipped with the most advanced instruments and well versed staff for carrying out periodic calibration and validation of instruments manufactured by us.

After sales services

Apart from calibration services, we also offer after sales services in the form of spare parts and repair services.
a. Spare parts service
Orchid Scientific team will help you quickly and easily! You can phone, fax or send an e-mail so that we can get the parts delivered to you.

b. Repair service
We provide you with repair services as per your requirement.

c. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
Orchid Scientific also provides AMC packages to its customers ranging from 1 year to 5 years after expiry of warranty period as per the need of the customer. We also offer Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (CAMC).

Research and Development

Recent developments in the technologies as well as different experimental constraints require researchers to work with partners who are capable of adapting to these changes. Our R & D team with members from Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physiology, Electronics, Instrumentation and Mechanical engineering field will be always there to support you for your development requirements. For project planning application, you can contact us: