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Identification device

For identification of experimental animals


Ear punching is commonly used for identification of small laboratory rodents and involves punching a hole in the middle of the ear.

Mouse Ear Punch: Punch of 2mm diameter and 5cm long, suitable for mouse with simple thumb type punching.

Nail Clipper Style Ear Punch: Punch of 2mm diameter with punching through nail clipper type mechanism.


Ear tagging involves using a special applicator to place a metal tag with an identification number in the pinna of a mouse’s ear. Because tags are relatively large and mouse ears develop quickly, ear tagging is suitable only for weanling and older mice.

Order Information

Product name Packing
Mouse Ear Punch 2pcs/Pack
Ear Punch Nail Clipper Style 2pcs/Pack
Ear Tags (Numbering: 1 to 300) 300pcs/Pack