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Enrichment Devices

Enrichment products designed to accommodate the behaviour traits of individual animal species can stimulate lab animals’ physical and mental activity.

A research environment can be a stressful and unnatural setting for laboratory animals. Enrichment device enhances the animal’s physiological and psychological well-being, prevents stereotypical-behaviour, promotes the expression of species specific behavior and improves animal welfare. Therefore, Environmental Enrichment is an essential component of a successful research program.

Environmental enrichment is an easy and efficient way of enhancing animal welfare in any species. As the importance of improving animal welfare has grown in significance, so has the range of Enrichment products.

Enrichment Devices for Small Rodents

Biohomes for rats & mice

Biotunnels for rats & mice

Enrichment Devices for Large Rodents

Rabbit Hut

Guinea Pig Hut

Order Information

Product name Packing Material Dimensions
Biohome for rat80pcs/boxMade of non-recycled virgin wood pulp7 7/8” wide x 3 3/4” tall x 8 3/4” long
Biohut for mice500pcs/boxMade of non-recycled virgin wood pulp3 1/4” wide x 2 1/2’ tall x 5 1/4” long
Biotunnel for rat100pcs/boxMade of non-recycled virgin wood pulp6″ long x 3″ inside diameter x 1/8″ wall
Biotunnel for mice200pcs/boxMade of non-recycled virgin wood pulp3 7/8″ long x 2″ inside diameter x 1/8″ wall
Crawls Balls20pcs/boxPolycarbonate, amber color4″ diameter with three 2 1/2″ openings
Rabbit Hut10pcs/boxPolycarbonate, amber color11″ wide (ID) x 10″ high x 12″ long
Guinea Pig Hut10pcs/boxPolycarbonate, amber color6 1/2″ wide (ID) x 4 1/2″ high x 8″ long