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Founded by a visionary professional Orchid scientific & Innovative India Pvt. Ltd., is a vision translated into reality. Founders' experience, expertise and vision in the field of pharmaceutical equipment rendered Orchid Scientific & Innovative India Pvt. Ltd., to be the youngest face in manufacturing and supplying of pharmaceutical research, preclinical research and laboratory animal housing products.Orchid Scientific manufacturers wide range of instruments like research instrumentation for Laboratory Animals, Biology and Pharmacological, Pharmaceutical, Physiology Research Instruments,instruments for teaching physiology, vivarium products, laboratory animal house products, laboratory animal cages and equipments, lab animal furniture, IVC caging system with AHU. Our product categories includes different products like Laboratory Mice cages, laboratory Rat Cages, Rabbit cages, Guinea Pig Cages, Behavioral research instruments, Video-tracking software, instruments for testing analgesia, anti-inflammatory activity, Locomotor activity, chromatography, ultrasonication, probe sonicator, Diabetic neuropathy, Elevated plus maze, water maze, All purpose equipment for pharmaceutics lab, Grip strength meter, algometer, physiograph. Orchid Scientific is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of instruments for medical colleges, pharmacy colleges, preclinical research institutes and laboratory animal house.

Product Categories

Instruments for Preclinical Research

Laboratory Animal Cages and Equipment's

IVC - Individually Ventilated Caging System

All Maze Video Tracking System

Laboratory Animal Anesthesia and Ventilator System

Instruments for Pharmaceutical Research

Instruments for Teaching Physiology

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100+ Research Publications


50+ Countries


1500+ Clients Worldwide


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