Rabbit Restrainers: Stainless Steel Type

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Rabbit Restrainers: Stainless Steel Type

Rabbit restrainer for Immobilization of experiment animal is required in many pharmacological and physiological experiments. To satisfy this need, Orchid has launched different categories of optimized animal restrainers.

These restrainers are made of stainless steel 304. The adjustable neck portion is made of polished Bakelite or teakwood material.

The length can be adjusted by moving the S.S. plates and then tightening by using wing nuts. The neck can be fixed by opening the top S.S. plate by releasing the lock and then adjusting the height of upper wooden block and then again locking the S.S. clamp.

Order Information

Model No. Animal Weight Range Overall Dimensions (Mm) Restraining Min Height (Mm) From Bottom Restraining Max Height (Mm) From Bottom
LAR1S 3 To 7.5 Kg 380 X 175 X 230 220 285



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