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Hot and Cold Plate Analgesia Meter

Orchid’s Hot & Cold Plate Analgesia Meter is developed to perform rapid & precise screening of analgesic drug properties on small laboratory animals

For testing hot and cold temperature induced pain in mice and rat.

Orchid’s Hot & Cold Plate Analgesia Meter has been developed for both conventional hot plate tests and cold pain test.

Pain sensitivity to heat is assessed by placing the animal on the top of aluminium plate and starting the timer.  The operator stops the timer at the instant the animal lifts its paws from the plate, reacting from discomfort.  The front panel timer displays the latency to react, a measurement of the animal’s resistance to pain


  • Plate temperature can be held at a set point between -5°C to 60°C (±0.5°C)*
  • Instrument has provision to add max sequence numbers, auto experiment number and animal sex.
  • Remote foot-switch controls the test start / stop allowing rapid Hands-free experiments
  • High temperature stability & Uniform surface heat distribution
  • A built-in timer activated by an external foot switch allows the precise measurement of the reaction time (0.01 Sec. Resolution)
  • Precise and reproducible results
  • Cut off timer to avoid damage to animal
  • Top LID Sensor to indicate lid is open and thereof avoiding temperature fluctuations
  • PC Connectivity with software
  • Software with calibration and report generation feature
  • Software has provision to add title, comment, graphical presentation and data can be converted in excel or pdf



System Specification & Models

Model Control Unit Dimensions



Plate dimensions mm


Animal Enclosure Dimensions mm (LxWxH)


Temperature range ° C Reaction Time Seconds



Box 1: 310x190x184

Box 2: 300X325X140



190 x 190 x 06 205 x 205 x 250 -5°C to 60°C

(± 0.5° C)

Digital timer resolution of 0.01s

Order Information

Model Certifications Power requirements Accessories
HC-01 CE Compliant 220/230V AC 50Hz

110/120V AC 50-60Hz*

Control Panel, with perspex cylinder and lid ,Foot switch

*Needs to be specified in order information

Note: For cold mode, ambient temperature must be within 17°C range of set temperature.


Note: Orchid’s continuing product development makes specifications subject to change without prior notification.


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