Diuresis cages for small rodents with trolley

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Diuresis cages for small rodents with trolley

Especially useful for urine collection experiments The cage is provided with cage body, floor, Funnel, Water bottle and waste water collection tube. Waste water is collected in the P.P. tube. Cage body is fitted with tag holder for identification purpose. In this, urine and faeces falls on the S.S. Funnel. On S.S. funnel, one sieve of S.S. is fixed which allows only passage of urine and not faeces leading to collection of faeces above the sieve and urine at the bottom in the P.P. beaker.

Components Included

  • S.S. Cage body
  • S.S. grill type floor
  • S.S. Funnel
  • S.S. mesh plate for separation
  • Water bottle 150ml
  • Water bottle holder
  • Waste water collection P.P. tube
  • Waste water collection tube P.P.
  • Urine collection beaker P.P.
  • S.S. 304 stand for cage
  • M.S. Powder coated stand
  • Overall Approx Dimensions: 260x300x420mm

Trolley For Diuresis Cages(Suitable For Duc-1)

Made of S.S. 304 material and suitable to hold 6,8 or 10 metabolic cages for small rodents (economy model) DUC-1.

Model Number of shelves Number of cages/shelf Total cages/trolley
DUC-S-T-6 2 3 6
DUC-S-T-8 2 4 8
DUC-S-T-10 2 5 10

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