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All Purpose Equipment

Orchid’s All Purpose Solution for pilot scale mixing, size reduction, tablet coating and granulation research work


  • Ideal for R & D and small scale production in the pharmaceutical, chemical & cosmetic industry

  • Modular design – one drive unit and various attachments for different applications

Orchid’s All-purpose system is based on a powerful main drive unit. The various attachments can be easily and quickly connected by means of a universal gear box or directly. The AP-01 Plus is equipped with a single phase AC motor. The sturdy ball bearing worm gear drive is completely maintenance free. The unit features electronic speed control variable between 10rpm to 300rpm, a digital speed controller regulates the speed.

The All – Purpose equipment is ideal for research and small scale production in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic & food industries. It fits perfectly in to research & developments of tablets, ointments, creams & more. The modular design is compact, economical & offers a powerful motor drive with a wide range of easily interchangeable attachments for various applications. The different possibilities are as follows:

  • Stirring

  • Mixing

  • Granulating

  • Coating

  • Polishing

  • Grinding


Cube mixer


Double cone Blender


Dry granulator


Coating Pan


Polishing Pan


V Blender


Tripple rollar mill


  • Universal Gear Box

  • Ball Mill

  • Coating Pan

  • Polishing Pan

  • Double Cone Blender

  • Cube Mixer

  • V- Blender

  • Pelletizer(Pan type)

  • Planetary Mixer

  • Dry Granulator

  • Triple Roller Mill


  • Pilot spraying gun with ¼ HP compressor

  • Pilot spraying gun with ¼ HP compressor and peristaltic pump


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  • Digital Speed Indicator: 10 – 300rpm

  • Digital Temp. Controller for Coating pan (5 °C above ambient to150 °C)

  • Emergency Switch

  • Digital Timer: 999min

  • Hot air gun arrangement for coating pan

  • Auto and Manual Mode

Technical Specification of Main Drive


  • High Quality

  • Modular Design – Less space needed

  • Economical capital cost – one drive, many attachments

  • Constant product quality – improved production

Model: AP-01 PLUS
Voltage / Frequency 230 Volt AC. / 50 – 60 Hz
Width 280 mm
Length: 600 mm
Height: 540 mm
Motor Type: 24 Volt DC, AC, 37 Amp, 1 HP
Speed (Min-Max): 10 to 300rpm
Tolerance RPM (Coasting): ± 1rpm
Gear Type: Planetary Gear
Output Speed 10 to 300rpm
Timer: 1 to 999min
Temperature Controller Digital
Temperature Range (Min-Max): 5° C (above ambient) to 150° C

Technical Specification of Various Attachments

Attachment Connectivity Net Weight Cap. Output Max.(Approx.) Dimensions (mm) Material
Ball Mill  


Through Universal Gear Box


3.35 Kg. 40% 200-500g 125 x 175 S. S. 304
Coating Pan 4.50 Kg. 30% 170 x 145 S. S. 304
Polishing Pan 3.00 Kg 40% 170×180 S. S. 304 & Canvas Liner
Triple Roller Mill  


Directly to Main Drive


9.50 Kg. 2-5kg/h 190 x 290 x 220 Rollers of S. S. 304 & Remaining M. S.
Dry Granulator 12.70 Kg. 2-5kg/h 285 x 210 Roller, Hopper of S. S. & remaining M. S.
Double Cone Blender  




Through Universal Gear Box


3.20 Kg 50% (200-500g) 150 x 250 S. S. 304
V – Blender 4.00 Kg. 40% (200-500g) 240 x 90 x 230 S. S. 304
Cube Mixer 3.35 Kg. 40% (200-500g) 200 x 200 x 180 S. S. 304
Pelletizer 5.50 Kg. 40% OD:330,
ID:324 x 100
S. S. 304
Planetary Mixer Directly to Main Drive 16.00 Kg 60% 330 x 330 x 450 S. S. 304 & M. S.

*capacities mentioned depends on the sample used and varies accordingly