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IVC - Individually Ventilated Caging System

IVC Cages - Individually Ventilated Caging System for Mice/Mouse, Rat and Guinea Pig - Technology built to protect animals and researchers Orchid's IVC system not only ensures high biological safety for laboratory animals and scientists, but also matches the at par level of compliance for safety, animal welfare and ergonomics.

Unique Features

  • Silicon gasket in the cage lid giving advantage over the other systems using nylon gasket on the grill in terms of more sterilization cycles and protection from the dents.
  • Larger breathing filter area giving more time for anmial survival in case of power failure.
  • Excellent lid stackability ensuring protection to locks and prevent damage to the lock during cleaning, washing and autoclaving.
  • PLC error function in the air handling unit giving alarm in case of any error in the PLC controller and analogue mode to run the system in case of PLC error.
  • Cage for rat and guinea pig is fitted with two air supply and two air exhaust ports for more efficient ventilation.

IVC Cages for Mice, Rat and Guinea Pig



  • Quick finger touch swing type locks enabling quick locking and unlocking at the same time giving safe locking
  • Card holder fitting on the edge gives visibility of animal inside the cage
  • External self centering water bottle enabling quick bottle change without removing cage
  • Snap fit filter holder enabling easy removal of filter
  • Excellent lid stacking without damaging cage locks


  • No direct air drift at animal level, air inlet and outlet at the top level ensures less animal stress and heat loss
  • 0.2μ Passive filter on cage lid ensuring animal safety in power failure or cage is off the rack for long time without compromising the protection


  • Air tight spring loaded air inlet, air outlet and bottle inlet valves ensure no air leakage
  • Silicone compression seal in the lid ensuring complete seal around the cage

Air Handling Unit



  • Light weight easy to move system with Touch screen display at eye level
  • Separate indicators on the control panel for indication of Parameters out of range, Supply HEPA filter change and exhaust HEPA filter change
  • Easy access to pre filters for routine cleaning


  • Stand alone separate Air Handling Unit gives less vibrations and noise level to cage level
  • Continuous monitoring of Temperature, % RH and provision to set limits
  • Mobile messaging system for error logs enabling user to take immediate action to protect animals*
  • Multiple ventilator connectivity and control from computer or mobile*
  • Data logs download on computer through Ethernet port


  • Low power consumption and less maintenance blowers
  • Stand alone Air Supply Unit can connect to 2 double sided racks and 4 single sided racks


  • Two level password protected system ensuring restricted access
  • Auto data logging of parameters after every 2hrs
  • Error logs for parameters out of upper and lower limits set

Orchid’s IVC Racking offers complete flexibility to meet any laboratory design. Fully mobile racks are available in wide range of cage capacities and in addition to that further racks can be added at any time to the existing Air Supply Unit.


  • Auto closing supply and exhaust rack valves improves the life of HEPA filters and reduce the accumulation of dust in the rack pipes
  • Cage holding rails fitted with visual docking indicators to ensuring proper fitting of cage*
  • Spring loaded non rupture air supply and exhaust valve
  • Press fit air supply and exhaust valve allows easy removal for cleaning purpose

Orchid’s IVC system is designed by taking into consideration air flow pattern, uniform air distribution, air velocities at animal level and differential pressure.

Cage design is optimized by CFD analysis for ensuring the uniform air distribution without any dead spot in the cage.

Further system is tested for various parameters ensuring that product delivered performs to the highest level of biological safety at the same time ensuring animal welfare.

1. Air velocity within the cage
2. Air velocity at animal level
3. Short circuit air flow
4. Inleakage
5. Sound level
6. Vibrations within the cage
7. Air leakage through silicon gasket using smoke test
8. Pressure holding capacity of cage with lock.

Model Floor Space Approx.(sq.cm) Species Material of construction Components Included
US 500 500 Mice Polysulfone/ Polyetherimide Cage base, Cage Lid with silicon gasket, Filter retainer plate, Card holder, Passive filter of 0.2μ, stainless steel grill, water bottle of 300ml
US 900 925 Rat, Guinea pig Polysulfone/ Polyetherimide Cage base, Cage Lid with silicon gasket, Filter retainer plate, Card holder, Passive filter of 0.2µ, stainless steel grill, water bottle of 500ml
Air Supply Unit
Model Material of construction Components Included
US-X Stainless steel 304 panel, with 7" touch screen display Air supply unit,
Flexible hose pipe,
Silicon end caps,
Supply & exhaust HEPA Filter, Supply & exhaust prefilter,
Air supply unit Fitted with castor wheels
IVC Racking

Made Of stainless steel 304 material with special grade silicone connectors and end caps, fitted with castor wheels for ease of movement

IVC Racking
Rack Model Suitable for Animal Type Suitable Cage Model Side Number of cages/Rack
R-US5-S-40 Mice US 500 Single 40
R-US5-D-80 Mice US 500 Double 80
R-US5-S-48 Mice US 500 Single 48
R-US5-D-96 Mice US 500 Double 96
R-US5-S-56 Mice US 500 Single 56
R-US5-D-112 Mice US 500 Double 112
R-US5-S-64 Mice US 500 Single 64
R-US5-D-128 Mice US 500 Double 128
R-US5-S-72 Mice US 500 Single 72
R-US5-D-144 Mice US 500 Double 144
R-US5-S-80 Mice US 500 Single 80
R-US5-D-160 Mice US 500 Double 160
R-US9-S-24 Rat,Guinea Pig US 900 Single 24
R-US9-D-48 Rat,Guinea Pig US 900 Double 48
R-US9-S-30 Rat,Guinea Pig US 900 Single 30
R-US9-D-60 Rat,Guinea Pig US 900 Double 60
R-US9-S-36 Rat,Guinea Pig US 900 Single 36
R-US9-D-72 Rat,Guinea Pig US 900 Double 72