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All Maze Video Tracking Software

Orchid’s All Maze Version 5.0 is a video tracking software package for automated analysis of rodent behavior in laboratory settings.
All Maze is the most widely applied video tracking software that tracks and analyses the behavior, movement and activity of experimental animal without the use of sensor.
All the user needs to supply is a camera and computer. It is fully compliant on both windows and Mac environments.
What distinguishes All Maze from its competitors is that it can perform all the standard behavioral measurements that are offered by high end systems but in full dark conditions using infrared cameras. Data is automatically exported for statistical analysis in Excel, as well as accompanied by video or image captures of live tracking for presentation purposes.

All Maze covers a wide variety of applications

  • Motor and Locomotor activity
  • Anxiety: Open-field, Plus-maze, O-maze, Black and White box
  • Depression & Tail-Suspension Test
  • Learning and Memory
  • Water maze, Radial maze, T-maze
  • Emergence test
  • Conditioned Place Preference
  • Fear conditioning

All Maze covers a wide variety of applications

  • One versatile software platform to automate tests in a wide range of set- ups: from lab animals in mazes to farm animals in stables.
  • Video tracking technology encompasses state-of-the-art detection methods.
  • User friendly interface and flexibility
  • Reasonably priced
  • Compatible with most camera and digitizers
  • Full line of mazes and accessories

Parameter Studied

  • Distance Travelled
  • Body movement whilst stationary
  • Entering and exiting zones
  • Time spent in zones
  • Part of body in zone
  • Rearing
  • Head orientation (degrees)

Date Logs

  • Centre of Mass data log in time (sec)
  • Activity (Act) data log in distance (mm) & event counts
  • Blob data log (Time & Event Count)
  • ROI intersect data log
  • Tracking line
  • Excel data log

Advanced Functions

  • Record video files
  • Track from saved video files
  • Simultaneous tracking (upto 4 rodents)
  • Save and reuse configurations

5 Easy setup steps

  • Draw Arena and regions of interest
  • Setup blob logic
  • Calibrate
  • Enter subject information
  • Place subject in arena


  • Any adequately powered PC for data storage
  • USB video grabbing device- Camera/s
  • QUAD Splitter: Needed if you want to track 4 animals at once
  • Labview RunTime software (freeware)
  • Apple Quicktime (freeware)
  • Mazes

Note: All Maze software is applicable for single computer installation only