Welcome To Orchid Scientific

Established in 2011, Orchid Scientific embarked on a mission to redefine the standards of laboratory animal housing products and preclinical research solutions. Founded by industry veterans with extensive knowledge of pharmaceutical equipment, our primary objective has been to position Orchid Scientific as a leading manufacturer and supplier in the realm of preclinical research, pharmaceutical studies, and animal housing laboratories.

At Orchid Scientific, our foundation rests on the pillars of excellence and innovation. We are committed to delivering superior quality in every product and solution we offer. Leveraging our founders' expertise and experience, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of possibility, setting new benchmarks for quality and reliability in our industry. Innovation is at the heart of our operations. Orchid Scientific thrives on the ethos of continuous improvement, channeling substantial resources into research and development. Our focus remains on introducing groundbreaking products that cater to the evolving needs of researchers, pharmaceutical experts, and laboratory professionals worldwide.

Orchid Scientific places immense value on customer satisfaction. We engage closely with our clients, fostering strong relationships and actively seeking feedback to tailor our solutions precisely to their requirements. By aligning with our customers' needs, we aim not only to meet but to exceed their expectations consistently.

In a rapidly evolving scientific landscape, Orchid Scientific is dedicated to staying at the forefront of progress. We continuously invest in research and technological advancements to enhance our product portfolio, equipping researchers with cutting-edge tools that drive scientific breakthroughs.

Our impact spans across borders. Orchid Scientific's products and solutions have made significant contributions to research initiatives worldwide. Through strategic partnerships and a robust distribution network, we aim to extend our global reach, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing on an international scale.

Orchid Scientific remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence, innovation, and ethical conduct. As we continue our journey, we invite researchers, pharmaceutical experts, and laboratory professionals to join us in our pursuit of reshaping the landscape of scientific exploration. Together, we will redefine possibilities, driving transformative advancements in laboratory animal housing and preclinical research solutions.

To Our Existing Customers

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued clients. Your unwavering trust and support have been instrumental in our journey. We are immensely thankful for the opportunity to serve you and contribute to your success.

Each interaction with you has been an inspiration, driving us to continuously evolve and deliver our best. Your feedback has been invaluable, shaping our services to better meet your needs. We deeply appreciate your confidence in our abilities and the relationships we've cultivated along the way.

As we move forward, we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead in furthering our collaboration. Your support fuels our passion, and we look forward to continuing this journey together.

Thank you for being an integral part of our success story. We cherish the trust you've placed in us and remain dedicated to serving you with the utmost dedication and excellence.

To Prospective Customers

We look forward to start a lasting relationship with you.

We Basically Serve Three Markets

  • Life Science Research Industry:

    This includes leading preclinical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic research laboratories.

  • Forensic Science Laboratories:

    We provide solutions and equipment for forensic science laboratories.

  • Animal Housing Laboratory:

    We provide equipment for the laboratory animal housing facilities.

    We are always dedicated to supplying the essential tools and technologies to assist researchers in achieving their goals.

    We have years of experience, an outstanding track record, and long-standing relationships with clients, which makes us pride ourselves on achieving excellence in all aspects of operations.

    The company stays updated with the latest technological advancements and strives to deliver high-performance solutions to its customers.

    Client satisfaction & growth is our top priority.

    Our passionate and self-motivated teams are always there for our clients by making good relations with clients and working closely with them to achieve the key to success.

Product & Services

Our instruments are essential to many cutting edge developments taking place in research laboratories & animal house worldwide.

Orchid Scientific serves three main markets:

  • The life science research industry consisting of the world’s leading
  • Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic research laboratories
  • The forensic science laboratories And the laboratory animal houses throughout pre-clinical pharmaceutical industry, veterinary academic and industrial laboratories.

Our Mission

To be the most technologically trusted scientific instruments manufacturer with reputation for expertise in pharmaceutical, life sciences and laboratory animal house instruments.

Our Vision

To provide technologically upgraded instrument alternatives in the field of pharmaceutical, life sciences and laboratory animal house industry based on practical and in-house research and development.

Quality Policy

To manufacture and deliver quality products efficiently by performing the defect free correct tasks, on time, every time and surpass the expectations.


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CE Certifiction
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