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Manufacturing Facilities

Our key capabilities include state-of-the-art infrastructure, conformance to global standards, commitment to quality and scalability combined with a sound training framework. Our sophisticated technology in the hands of trained professionals ensures that we guarantee optimum performance and deliver unmatched levels of Customer Service.

Our current manufacturing activities are located at Nashik having production area of over 20000 sq.ft., with completely streamlined production set-up. All major production activities like Sheet Metal fabrication, CNC rounter, Laser cutting, injection molding, pre-treatment, mechanical assembly, electrical and electronic assembly and testing of the products are done in-house itself read more

Research & Development

Orchid Scientific is continuously involved in the process of research and development of new products. Main products of Orchid Scientific are pre-clinical instruments. For any pre-clinical instrument developed, it is necessary to be tested on laboratory animals for confirmation of working and data produced. Orchid Scientific has signed a M.O.U. with M.G.V. Pharmacy College Nashik under industry- institute interaction scheme where in Orchid Scientific will utilize the laboratory animal house facilities and technical expertise of faculty of M.G.V. Pharmacy College Nashik and students of the institute can utilize the instruments for their research work.

Under the M.O.U. signed with M.G.V. Pharmacy College, a combined lab is established having all the instruments manufactured by Orchid Scientific. These instruments will be used by M. Pharm. & Ph.D. (Pharmacology) students for research work. read more

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